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The Preacher's Wife - Trailer

Starring Academy Award(R)-winner Denzel Washington and multi-talented Whitney Houston, here's a delightful romantic comedy to send spirits soaring!
Uploaded: 2014-12-05T05:14:17.000Z

Whitney Houston - The Preacher's Wife: Original Soundtrack Album

Whitney Houston - The Preacher's Wife: Original Soundtrack Album 01. I Believe In You And Me 02. Step By...
Uploaded: 2018-06-06T19:00:01.000Z

Behind the scenes The Preacher's Wife

Uploaded: 2015-07-03T15:34:13.000Z

The Preacher's Wife

The Preacher's Wife Strzyżowski Chór Kameralny Grzegorza Oliwy.
Uploaded: 2009-06-14T03:10:08.000Z

The Preacher's Wife (Ice Skating Scene) Whitney Houston

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO. From the 1996 The Preacher's Wife Movie starring Whitney Houston (Julia Biggs) and Denzel Washington (Dudley).
Uploaded: 2012-02-20T20:54:11.000Z

Whitney Houston with Jimmy Carter... The Preachers Wife

I interviewed Whitney several times over the years...She was reflective...honest..seemed a bit tired this day....She admitted she was over her head in The ...
Uploaded: 2012-03-24T03:46:42.000Z

Whitney Houston My Heart Is Calling - The Preacher's Wife

Whitney Houston My Heart Is Calling. Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington go ice skating in the Christmas movie the Preacher's Wife. An angel wonders if ...
Uploaded: 2012-02-24T14:23:53.000Z

The Preacher's Wife [Mirror]

This is an edited video originally posted by youtube user AuntieDiluvian. Channel here; If you have not sub'd YOU ...
Uploaded: 2010-03-11T23:38:01.000Z

Yolanda Adams - Who Could Imagine (from Whitney Houston Preacher's Wife)

Yolanda Adams rendition of Who Could Imagine from Whitney Houston's Preacher's Wife CD.
Uploaded: 2012-11-25T22:52:18.000Z

It’s Time to Meet the 'First Ladies' of 'The Preachers'

With our Summer Preview at an end, we could not say farewell without introducing the ladies in each of our pastors' lives. So, without further ado, it's time to meet ...
Uploaded: 2016-07-29T16:03:18.000Z


The Preacher's Wife (1996), directed by Penny Marshall, music by Hans Zimmer.
Uploaded: 2015-05-25T10:34:13.000Z

The Preacher's Wife ABC Promo (December 1999) Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston

Promo for the network television premiere of The Preacher's Wife.
Uploaded: 2018-12-16T15:22:09.000Z

I Love The Lord - Whitney Houston,"The Preacher's Wife"

Música Interpretada por Joab Alles.
Uploaded: 2018-12-12T14:32:40.000Z

Whitney Houston: The Preacher's Wife

A bit from a quick audition I had for an upcoming film musical. :)
Uploaded: 2012-11-19T01:09:56.000Z

Original VHS Opening: The Preacher's Wife (1997 UK Rental Tape)

1. Blue Warning screen 2. Closed Captions Screens 3. Touchstone Home Video logo 4. Coming Soon bumper 5. 101 Dalmatians promo 6. Fly Away Home ...
Uploaded: 2019-07-23T19:12:30.000Z

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