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The Worlds of If - Stanley G. Weinbaum

The Worlds of If (short story) by Stanley G. Weinbaum Dixon Wells tests an invention that reveals alternate life paths that might have transpired if the viewer had ...
Uploaded: 2013-04-12T01:14:07.000Z

The Happy Unfortunate - Robert Silverberg

The Happy Unfortunate (short story) by Robert Silverberg Dekker, back from space, found great physical changes in the people of Earth; changes that would ...
Uploaded: 2013-05-03T15:19:07.000Z

Extract From Captain Stormfield's Visit To Heaven - Mark Twain

Extract From Captain Stormfield's Visit To Heaven (novella) by Mark Twain Twain's witty vision of what heaven "is really like" is told from the point of view of the ...
Uploaded: 2013-04-10T23:39:02.000Z

Missing Link by Frank Herbert (author of DUNE) - SF Audiobook

Missing Link (short story) by Frank Herbert Lewis Orne, junior I-A field man on the planet Gienah III investigates a missing ship, and runs into trouble with the ...
Uploaded: 2013-02-17T01:45:19.000Z

The Plattner Story - H. G. Wells

The Plattner Story (short story) by H. G. Wells "Gottfrieb Plattner disappears after an explosion for nine days. Upon return, he recounts experiences of a parallel ...
Uploaded: 2013-02-22T22:09:18.000Z

Made In Tanganyika - Carl Jacobi

Made In Tanganyika (short story) by Carl Jacobi.
Uploaded: 2013-04-01T20:16:00.000Z

Dead End (SF Tale of Immortality) by Wallace Macfarlane, Science Fiction

Humanity has eternal life, at least to some degree. Pseudo-life allows a person to live on after his or her body dies. By routinely visiting a psych-lab to record ...
Uploaded: 2017-02-04T14:44:43.000Z

Operation Haystack by Frank Herbert (author of DUNE)

Operation Haystack (short story) by Frank Herbert "A science fiction classic from Frank Herbert, author of DUNE" Astounding Science Fiction, 1959.
Uploaded: 2013-02-18T23:17:03.000Z

Operation: Outer Space - Murray Leinster

Operation: Outer Space (novella) by Murray Leinster "A reluctant astronaut blasts off on a mind-blowing trip to the end of Space" Published 1954 ~ Fantasy ...
Uploaded: 2013-04-18T23:34:54.000Z

The Last Letter by Fritz Leiber (SF Story of Robotic Intelligence)

It was a day like any other, except for that one letter in the mail - a hand-written letter that paralysed the postal service. Published June 1958 ~ Galaxy Science ...
Uploaded: 2017-04-16T08:21:48.000Z

The Repairman by Harry Harrison

LibriVox recording of THE REPAIRMAN, by Harry Harrison. Read by Phil Chenevert This is a collection of 3 of Harry Harrison's marvelous earlier stories that ...
Uploaded: 2012-09-15T19:23:35.000Z

Conquest Over Time - Michael Shaara

Conquest Over Time (novella) by Michael Shaara "Now this here planet," he said cautiously, "is whacky in a lot of ways. First of all they call it Mert. Just plain Mert ...
Uploaded: 2013-05-03T15:06:57.000Z

Once a Greech by Evelyn E. Smith

The mildest of men, Iversen was capable of murder ... to disprove Harkaway's hypothesis that in the midst of life, we are in life. Published April, 1957 ~ Galaxy ...
Uploaded: 2018-04-28T22:28:45.000Z

Die Kolonie - Philip K. Dick - Sci-Fi Hörspiel (1986)

Die Kolonie - Science Fiction Hörspiel von Philip K. Dick aus dem Jahr 1986 Mehrere Wissenschaftler und Militärs werden zum Planeten Blau geschickt. Da sich ...
Uploaded: 2018-03-05T20:03:38.000Z

Larry Niven - Fleet of Worlds

Uploaded: 2016-07-04T17:16:49.000Z

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