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What's My Line? - Peter Gabel; Sue Lyon; Rudy Vallee [panel] (Jul 5, 1964)

MYSTERY GUEST: Peter Gabel; Sue Lyon PANEL: Dorothy Kilgallen, Rudy Vallee, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf ---------------------------------------- New Facebook ...
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What's My Line? - Jonathan Cerf & Peter Gabel; Robert Morse; PANEL: Pamela Tiffin (Mar 12, 1967)

MYSTERY GUEST: Jonathan Cerf & Peter Gabel; Robert Morse PANEL: Arlene Francis, Martin Gabel, Pamela Tiffin, Bennett Cerf Many thanks to Steve M.
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What's My Line? - Peter Lorre; Steve Allen [panel]; Martin Gabel [panel] (Feb 14, 1960)

MYSTERY GUEST: Peter Lorre PANEL: Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Allen, Arlene Francis, Martin Gabel.
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What's My Line? Peter Gabel as Mystery Guest

Watch Peter Gabel try to stump the panel and his mom in this episode of What's my Line? hosted by Larry Blyden.
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What's My Line? - Peter, Paul & Mary; Woody Allen [panel] (Jul 7, 1963) [W/ COMMERCIALS]

Here's a real treat: a rare complete episode of WML with all the original commercials and transitions intact. Note that this video contains segments from several ...
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What's My Line? - Paul Ford; Peter Cook [panel] (Jul 14, 1963)

MYSTERY GUEST: Paul Ford PANEL: Dorothy Kilgallen, Peter Cook, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf Many thanks to epaddon for providing this episode (and just ...
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What's My Line? - The panelists' spouses; Tony Randall [panel] (Dec 25, 1960)

MYSTERY GUEST: Richerd Kollmar, Florence Randall, Martin Gabel, & Phyllis Cerf PANEL: Dorothy Kilgallen, Tony Randall, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.
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What's My Line? - Peter Lawford; Peter Lind Hayes [panel]; Eammon Andrews [panel] (May 13, 1956)

MYSTERY GUEST: Peter Lawford [film and TV actor, member of the Rat Pack] PANEL: Arlene Francis, Peter Lind Hayes, Dorothy Kilgallen, Eammon Andrews.
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What's My Line? Buddy Hackett, Robert Goulet, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, etc

The panel is joined by comedian Buddy Hackett. Mystery guest is the late great Robert Goulet. Also, the cast of "Beyond the Fringe" appears, which were Peter ...
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What's My Line? - Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows; Martin Gabel [panel] (Dec 23, 1956)

MYSTERY GUESTS: Steve Allen [former WML panelist, comedian, songwriter, jazz pianist, prolific author-- oh, you all know who Steve Allen is.] & Jayne ...
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What's My Line? - Dudley Moore, Peter Cook (1962, TV Show)

The classic game show What's My Line? with actors and comedians Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, and Alan Bennett, who were at the time the ...
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Henry and Peter Fonda on "What's My Line?"

With Carol Channing and Mark Goodson on the panel. Done right around the time "The Wild Angels" was coming out.
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What's My Line? June 1, 1958: Best Contestant Ever

I've seen almost all of the surviving episodes of What's My Line and I think this guy is the best contestant they ever had. From June 1st 1958.
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What's My Line? - Justice William O Douglas; Mary Healy; Peter Lind Hayes [panel] (May 6, 1956)

MYSTERY GUESTS: Justice William O Douglas; Mary Healy [Singer, TV entertainer, married to guest panelist Peter Lind Hayes] PANEL: Arlene Francis, Peter ...
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